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Dear Friend,

I'm Brad Bowman, the owner of Palouse Empire Pest Control Inc., the company with the only checklist of 37 termite and pest control inspection points. (One that took me and my highly trained team 24 years to perfect.) I'm also the owner of the only Washington company with a powerful renewable lifetime guarantee. (Believe me, if termites and pests could read it, they'd hightail it fast and never even think of coming back.) Even better, when you call or register here online to schedule your treatment, I'll give you $140.00 in FREE bonuses!

Why am I being so generous?

Let's face it: Both of us know, one pest treatment won't give you a gnat's head of what you really want: which is a bug-free home period! I have to convince you then, that I'm the most reliable termite and pest control company in Washington. We're a company that takes all the risk out of you doing business with us, as you're about to discover.

In return, I get a valued customer not just for a couple of months, but for a whole lifetime! You'll feel good about referring us to others.

What's more, you'll have a company who will get to know your home like no other termite and pest control company around. I'll discover exactly what bugs are coming and going, and what to do about them - and when.

Still, you may be thinking, “Brad Bowman, How do I know you'll do all this for sure?” Words are cheap, I know. Well, you can start by reading this:

Zan Deery, The Better Business Bureau serving Eastern Washington and North Idaho: “Palouse Empire Pest Control Inc. has had 92 inquiries and 0 complaints. Companies like yours are what the Better Business Bureau stands for.”

It gets better. I'm offering you a free bonus, worth $140. AND YOU GET IT JUST BY ORDERING MY FREE “BUG AUDIT” with your treatment!

The Silent Bug Killer. We blow a fine electronic “bug dust” in all areas you have a tough time seeing, never mind getting to. (Value: $140.)


Get the rundown on 24 usual suspects that can threaten your home—and easy ways to control them. Select a pest below to learn more.
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Palouse Area and LC Valley Home and Business Owners Seeking A Termite or Pest Control Company....


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Order Your Free 37-Point Inspection Today And Get A Free Bonus Worth $140.00 Plus, Get Washington’s Most Powerful Termite/Pest Control


100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!



Angela Criner, Moscow, ID
"I Love Palouse Empire Pest Control Testimonials" Last July we moved to Moscow and bought a house that had been vacant for some time. While the house sat empty, the spiders & bugs moved in... Read More


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Liane Smith, Colfax, WA
We were tired of sage bugs invading our house every year, so I decided to act... Read More


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Sam Leibold, Harvard, ID
PEPCI was very prompt with their first visit and did a great job educating me about Carpenter Ants... Read More


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Carol M. Smith, Princeton, ID
We had ants in our house for several years and had tried home remedies and bags full of Diazinon without success... Read More


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Sally Elder Garfield, WA
One Christmas Eve I encountered a mouse that came to visit the larder in my home. Quickly I dialed Brad @ PEPCI at the number listed in the phone book, he came right to my house, he insisted!... Read More



Our Guarantee


All Work Guaranteed

Basically, I guarantee you will have a pest-free home and be 100% satisfied with every aspect of our services or I’ll make it right or I’ll refund 100% of your money. You will not find ANY company willing to match these guarantees....

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